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Independent Marine Systems 

Located in Newport Rhode Island and South Florida USA

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For information on Marine Thermal Infrared inspections please visit our sister site   

Sailing Vessels

Sailing vessels- small one design racers to large yachts

Power Vessels 

Our experience with built power vessels is from conception and design to cruising and day to day management. 

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Infrared Thermal Imaging 

IMS has offered Infrared Thermal Imaging for since 2001. Please go to for more information


Marine Surveying

Condition and Valuation - Pre Purchase - Damage inspection - New Construction - Financial - Insurance - Customs - Maintenance - Repairs - Consultation - Management


We travel worldwide but keep a winter location in South Florida and a summer location in Newport RI.


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We offer worldwide service for your inspection needs.

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Please see our sister sites for information regarding Marine Thermography and for information regarding ultrasonic testing of composites.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is your Fee structure?
  2. When do I get a report?
  3. What is in the report?
  4. Do you inspect vessels constructed of wood?
  5. What is a thermal infrared inspection ?
  6. What is a UT inspection?

What is your Fee Structure?

  • For each vessel the fees are different. We charge a daily rate. The amount of time it takes to inspect the vessel depends on many things including the type and build of the vessel and how many systems and how complicated they are. We encourage you to share as much information about the vessel and the condition it is in. We then issue you a cost estimate for your approval. After your approval a deposit of half of the estimate is taken by credit card to confirm the inspection.
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When do I get the report?

  • The report writing usually take the same amount of time that you spend during the inspection. The report comes to you shortly after the inspection.
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What is in the report?

  • Each report is custom made for each vessel. The report contains an evaluation of all systems and components of the vessel including recommendations and noted areas of concern.
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Do you inspect vessels constructed of wood?

  • We specialize in composite built vessels. Cold molded vessels fall into our specialty
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What is a Thermal Infrared Inspection?

  • Thermography or Infrared or IR is a nondestructive technique to inspect a vessel. We our the leading Marine Thermographers in North America and Europe. Please see our website for more Information. This type of inspection is complete and separate from any other survey you may order.
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What is a UT inspection?

  • UT or ultrasonic technology is a nondestructive test used for metal and composites.  Please see our website for more information. 
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